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Springfield Deck Builders – Your Ultimate Custom Deck Builders: With years of expertise in crafting custom decks, we have become the top choice for homeowners and business owners seeking stunning outdoor entertainment spaces. A brand new deck is undeniably a fantastic addition to your home, offering an outdoor oasis where you can relax and create cherished moments with loved ones.

At Springfield Deck Builders, we take pride in being the premier professional deck builders serving Conklin and its surrounding areas.

Our primary mission is to build enduring relationships with our clients by delivering exceptional customer service in every aspect of our work. Rest assured, your deck will be crafted exactly as you envision it, and we will keep you involved throughout the entire process!

Let Springfield Deck Builders guide you in planning your dream deck or revamping an existing one. Our aim is to surpass your expectations, we are delighted to extend our services to the following cities & more!: Caddo, Elkland, Dermott, Marshfield, Olive, Boyd, Strafford, Sampson, Fruitland, Bracken.


At Springfield Deck Builders, we have honed our skills over a decade, specializing in crafting exceptional outdoor living spaces, including pergolas, gazebos, and custom decks. Our commitment to using only the highest quality materials ensures that our decks are not only beautiful but also durable, providing you with years of enjoyment. With a wide range of decking options available, such as composite, pressure-treated lumber, and cedar, you can customize your deck to suit your preferences perfectly.

As the premier deck builder in Conklin, Springfield Deck Builders prides itself on meeting all necessary requirements, including licenses and insurance, to ensure that our work adheres to codes and regulations. Get in touch with us today for a complimentary consultation, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you on your dream deck!

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Many homeowners are choosing composite decking. We are proud to collaborate with Trex, Fiberon and TimberTech, three of the leading decking manufacturers. Trex, Fiberon and TimberTech decking are covered by a 25-year warranty from the manufacturer. Fiberon offers a 20-year warranty. Composite decking is admired for its strength and durability. It also offers a smoother experience than natural wood. It is also an environmentally friendly option because it can be recyclable.

Low maintenance is one of the best features of composite decking. It doesn’t require staining, painting or any other maintenance to keep its natural beauty. These decks also resist rot, warping, and splitting over time. They are slip resistant and perfect for homes with pets and children.

Although composite decks have many benefits, they are susceptible to becoming warm when exposed to the sun’s intense rays. Consider a solution for your deck that is suitable to your circumstances if it will be subjected to these conditions.

Composite decks are a great option for those who want a deck which is durable, yet easy to maintain. Composite materials can easily avoid the hassle of staining wooden decks.

We are happy to help you if you want a composite deck made custom in Conklin. We are experts on composite decking and will be happy to discuss any plans or answer questions. Please contact us to schedule a free estimate and arrange for a site visit.

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Wood DECKS Conklin MO

The affordability of traditional wood decks and their ease of maintenance have led to a rise in popularity. The natural beauty of the wood also complements many landscapes beautifully.

It’s important to recognize that wooden decks require more maintenance than other types of decking. To protect the wood against weather, it is important to seal and stain regularly. These surfaces can warp, rot or splinter if not properly cared for.

Composite decking is a great option if you are looking for low maintenance landscaping. This benefit can be achieved with wooden decking, however they need to be maintained regularly.

Custom-made decks offer a wide range of color and size options. You can customize your deck with endless paint and stain options. Railings are available in many styles and colors to add versatility.

Wood decks are more affordable than composite decks, but they still remain an attractive and viable option for most homeowners. We are happy to answer any of your questions about the best decking material for your home.

We have been building wood decks for decades at Springfield Deck Builders Conklin.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A 12×20 Deck?

A 12×20 foot pressure-treated wood deck costs around $7,200 to $14,400. Many factors go into pricing such as slope, height, obstacles, materials used, fancy inlays, and more. Expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $60 per square foot installed including labor and materials.

How do you do deck pricing?

To price out a deck, consider factors like size, materials, labor, design complexity, permits, difficulty of the terrain, and additional features. Obtain multiple quotes and research local costs to get an accurate estimate.

Is composite decking worth the cost?

Composite decking’s worth depends on factors like budget, durability, aesthetics, longevity, eco-friendliness, resale value, and comfort. It offers low maintenance and a modern appearance, but it can be costlier upfront than wood decking. Research and consult to make an informed decision.

Can a deck add value to my property?

Yes, a well-designed and well-maintained deck can add value to a home. It increases living space, improves curb appeal, enhances outdoor lifestyle, and can boost resale value. However, the actual value added may vary based on factors like size, quality, design, and local real estate market. Consulting a real estate professional is advisable for personalized insights.

Do I need a permit to build a deck?

The need for a permit to build a deck depends on local building codes and regulations. Larger decks and those above a certain height may require a permit. It’s essential to check with your local building department to determine the specific requirements for your area. Rural areas often have no restrictions.

How long do decks last?

The lifespan of a deck can vary depending on several factors, including the type of material used, the quality of construction, the level of maintenance, and the climate it is exposed to. Here are some general estimates for different types of decks:

  • Pressure-Treated Wood Deck: With proper maintenance, a pressure-treated wood deck can last around 10 to 15 years.
  • Cedar or Redwood Deck: These naturally decay-resistant woods can last 20 to 25 years or more if well-maintained.
  • Composite Deck: Composite decks typically have a longer lifespan and can last 25 to 30 years or even longer, depending on the brand and quality of the composite material.
  • Tropical Hardwood Deck: Exotic hardwoods like Ipe or Tigerwood can have an exceptionally long life span, often lasting 30 years or more with good maintenance.

It’s important to note that regular maintenance, such as cleaning, sealing, and inspecting for any signs of damage, is crucial to extending the life of your deck. Additionally, the way the deck is used, the level of foot traffic, exposure to sunlight, and local weather conditions will all play a role in determining the deck’s overall longevity.

On average, you can expect a forestry mulcher and a skilled operator to clear 1 to 4 acres per day. Factors such as slope, tree growth, rocks, etc may increase time to clear.

Forestry mulching can be good for the land by preventing soil erosion, enriching the soil, preserving habitats, controlling invasive species, and reducing soil compaction. Responsible practices are crucial for its effectiveness.

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We offer custom deck services in Conklin, MO, and the surrounding region. Contact us to schedule a FREE consultation for your deck project. We can’t wait to assist you in creating the custom deck of your dreams.

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